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Family Tree Guide Features
Individual Pages

All individual records are laid out in a simple user-friendly format. With each person and their life details, you can view links to such items as photographs, histories, headstones and other charts, plus notes, sources, parents, and spouses.

Family Group Sheets

Our group sheets provide an overview of the family structure. With each families details you can have quick access to the parents of the husband and wife, each child in the family, their spouse and links to the family group sheets for both parents and children.

Advanced Pedigree Chart

Family Tree Guide's pedigree chart can display as many generations as you want to allow in three different formats for every person in your database. Attached photos and additional information make it the centerpiece of the whole application. With a single click you can jump to the individual page or a new pedigree for anyone on the chart. You can even switch parents!

  1. Compact Pedigree View
    Provides a concise graphical view of the pedigree chart and will include thumbnail photos if there are photos to display. Compact pedigree view also features a drop-down data box with additional information when you roll your mouse over the individual. Compact view displays minimal information on screen. Click here to see an example

  2. Standard Pedigree View
    The standard pedigree view provides a graphical view of the pedigree chart including all the vital information for each individual. The standard pedigree view takes up much more screen space to accommodate displaying all the additional information. Click here to see an example

  3. Textual Pedigree View
    Everything featured in standard pedigree view, only without any graphics. A pedigree view in its simplest form. Click here to see an example

  4. Ahnentafel View
    Standard Ahnentafel format, used to list an individual's ancestry compactly, without the need for a diagram such as a pedigree view. Click here to see an example

Descendancy Chart

At-a-glance see as many descendant generations as you specify for every person in your tree, including links to each person's individual page. For descendants listed you can also click to view a graphical tree tracing their line. Additionally, you can switch between standard and register descendancy chart formats.

  1. Standard Format
    Standard format generally provides a husband/wife list of descendants, with each successive generation indented. Click here to see an example

  2. Register Format
    Registered format provides a format similar to that as found within genealogy books and Ahnentafel charts. Click here to see an example

Graphical Descendancy Tracing

An icon next to each descendant on the standard descendancy chart links quickly to a boxes and connecting lines display of parents, children and siblings from the primary individual down to the person selected. The graphical descendancy chart also includes vital years and inset photos similar to the compact pedigree chart. Click here to see an example


The best part about having your family tree on the web is that it can take advantage of web-based features like search. Family Tree Guide includes a robust search engine that allows you to search your family tree saving you the time it takes to manually hunt down information in your tree.

  1. Simple Search
    Search for individuals in your tree using only their last name and first name. Click here to see an example

  2. Advanced Search
    Search by first name, last name, nickname, title, suffix, birth date, birth place, death date and death place. Choose whether the data "starts with", "ends with", "equals" or "contains" your search terms, or match by soundex or metaphones. Use date ranges, plus show names of spouses if desired. Even decide whether to join all criteria with "AND" or "OR". Click here to see an example

Surnames Lookup

Track down individuals by surname by viewing names in neat columns, or limit your search only to those beginning with a certain letter or symbol.

  1. Show surnames starting with
    This surname feature lists out the first letters of any surnames in your family tree. Click the letter to see a list of surnames in your tree that start with that letter. Click here to see an example

  2. Show top n ordered by occurrence
    Choose to view just the top 25 (you choose the number) surnames in a database, including a link to a list of all surname occurrences for the surname you click on. Click here to see an example

  3. Show all surnames (sorted alphabetically)
    Choose to view all the surname in a database on one page. Click here to see an example

User Login

Set up various users and give them each their own set of access rights. Anyone can view your family tree without a user login, but logged-in users will see even more (but only as much as you want them to). Best of all, you can grant users the ability to also edit your tree so they can help you with your genealogy. Click here to see an example


Upload and link several photos to one individual, or link one photo to several individuals. Give each photo a title and description. Browse all photos at once, or search for a keyword to help you find the ones you want. You can also pick one person and cycle through their own private list of photos. Family Tree Guide automatically provides a small thumbnail to be used on the pedigree and descendancy charts, and at the top of each individual page based on the photos you upload for an individual. Click here to see an example


Upload and link histories or other documents (in any file format) to any individual. Give each document a title and a description, then browse all histories at once or search by keyword. Click here to see an example

Cemetery and Headstones

Set up a record for each cemetery represented in your data, then create headstone records with photos to attach to individuals and their corresponding cemeteries. Find headstones by browsing the list of cemeteries (organized by locality), or by linking directly from an individual record. Click here to see an example

Photos and Histories Ancestor Listing

Show a listing, by generation, of all ancestors with photos and/or histories for any given individual. Photos and histories ancestor listing is a fun and graphical way to view the ancestry of an individual.

GEDCOM Compatible

Import your existing family tree data into your Family Tree Guide account in just minutes by having your desktop program write your data to a standard 4.0 or 5.5 GEDCOM file. Family Tree Guide will then import your file and populate the database with all your information, saving you quite a bit of typing.

Allow visitors to your site to create their own GEDCOM from a subset of your data. If you'd rather not, it's just as easy to disable this feature. You can also export GEDCOM data from your family tree using the Administration area of your family tree. Exporting your family tree to a GEDCOM file is a great way to backup your family tree data.

Track Lines Of Descent

Click a single button and traverse all the lines of descent in your database, resulting in the ">" character being placed next to links for children who have children themselves. This proves very helpful when traversing an unfamiliar tree, as it easily indicates which child to follow to find the next generation.

What's New Page

This page automatically shows you the most recently activity to your family tree, including new and updated photos, histories, headstones, and individual and family records. You can control how many days back are considered "new" and how many items to display in each category. Click here to see an example

Custom Event Types

Help Family Tree Guide handle all those obscure or proprietary GEDCOM tags you're using by setting up "Custom Event Types." You can even make up your own tags and still have them imported and displayed by Family Tree Guide. No other family tree software package can match this flexibility!

Data on Living Relatives Protected

Visitors to your site will be unable to see data for living individuals unless they log in with appropriate access. You can also indicate whether the names of living individuals should be displayed. Family Tree Guide automatically determines who is alive in your tree, but you can manually override and specify who is living or not. Click here to see an example

LDS Tags Supported

Family Tree Guide supports events specific to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). LDS data can be restricted to certain users if desired. LDS fields are not displayed if not used, and you can specify to hide all LDS fields on manual input screens.

Manual Data Entry

Family Tree Guide can be your primary genealogy program whether you already have a GEDCOM or not through Family Tree Guide's manual user-friendly admin tools. Even if you do import a GEDCOM, whether during sign up or later on, you still use Family Tree Guide to make spot changes to your data without doing another full import.

Admin Tools

Family Tree Guide is more than just your online family tree, it's also your one-stop family tree builder. Family Tree Guide features a complete set of administration tools for everything from editing your family tree to editing the colors of your website.

Edit Header and Footer

Family Tree Guide lets you edit the text and colors of the headers and footers as they appear on your family tree website.

Edit Homepage (Paid Version only)

Paid users have direct access to their homepage html. You will be able to modify the homepage with your own custom html. And just in case you need to restore to the original HTML provided by Family Tree Guide we've provided you with a restore defaults button. Family Tree Guide does not provide HTML support. A prior HTML knowledge is required.

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